Becoming a Foster Parent through the Devereux Foundation

Henry E. Vail II, of Sucré-Vail Wealth Advisors in Houston, Texas, offers clients in-depth information on such matters as insurance analysis, tax planning, and trust and estate services. Henry Vail II is also involved in charitable organizations such as the Devereux Foundation, where he sits on the advisory board and assists with fundraising.

The Devereux Foundation is a nonprofit nationwide organization for persons with behavioral, psychiatric, and emotional problems. Currently, the Texas chapter of the foundation seeks foster parents for children under 18.

When screening foster parents, Devereux looks for healthy, responsible adults 21 and over with at least a high school diploma or GED, and who have been married, divorced, or widowed for one year or more. United States citizenship is a must, as is a history free of criminal activity and child abuse. Prospective parents must also possess auto and home insurance, reliable transportation, and a driver’s license. They need to have a spare bedroom large enough for a child.

In addition to these legal requirements, potential foster parents should not use physical discipline and must instead create a loving and supportive atmosphere.